Retirement Communications

Kristi Weikel is a professor and has been teaching college courses to working adults since 2004. She has been delivering live hands-on workshops to employee groups, private groups and adult community education programming since 2006. 

It is Kristi’s passion to assist in creating healthy workplaces to benefit the employees that work there and the Company the employees work for.  It is no surprise that financial stress at home leads to distracted employees and reduced productivity. As an employer, you have a great opportunity to help your employee AND your bottom line at the same time through your wise selection of a quality financial education provider. 

Put simply, Kristi’s study in adult education theory and her experience in teaching adults results in higher participation rates in retirement plans, reduces employee stress, and increases employee engagement.  




BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CHOICE You are not required to use your EAP or retirement plan vendor’s in-house educational offerings to be able to utilize the available money to cover the workshop costs. 

PRE-WORKSHOP MANAGEMENT For no extra fee, our firm manages all online employee registration, generates reports for employers of participant sign-ups, e-reminders to employees with their selected workshop date/time and any required pre-workshop contact necessary with participants. 

EMPLOYER BRANDING Everything we put in front of your employees has your brand on it; from slides to printed hand-outs to the online registration web page created just for your company. 

CUSTOMIZATION The basic content of our two core workshops is often the same from workshop to workshop, your company can request we integrate specific aspects of your company’s health insurance program, other EAP offerings, retirement planning, beneficiary designations on the specific forms used by your company or any other special request you may have. 

CONSISTENCY Because Kristi Weikel is the presenter for each workshop, you can be assured that participants at each of your locations will receive the same high quality content presented in the same engaging style by a professional with a passion for education. 



Planning for the Future: Retirement & Beyond

This workshop will teach employees about the three phases of estate planning that affect retirement plan assets; planning for retirement, planning for incapacity, and planning for what happens after the employee passes away. The attorney-instructor will present complicated topics in an easy to understand way by leading participants through a hands-on & take-home workbook containing real life examples and applications. Topics covered include beneficiary designations on retirement accounts & life insurance, taxes, probate, incapacity, guardianship for minor children, personal representative selections and more. 

Retirement Assets & Life Events

There are lots of ways to invest your money; a 401(k) Traditional or Roth IRAs, Annuities, Real Estate, Gold…the list goes on. At the end of the day, the goal of each investment is essentially the same: to grow your assets to a level that will meet your needs in your retirement years, minimize taxes and pass on your assets to those you love. When deciding how much of your income should be invested in the various options available, it is important to expand your decision making criteria beyond just the potential growth of an investment. This workshop will present the legal implications of owning 401(k) assets and other retirement assets upon major life events like divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, retirement and death. 

Protecting Your Retirement Assets
Retirement: Dream It, Plan It, Live it
Investing Concepts 101
Retirement Savings Vehicles
Expert Panel: Advanced Topics
Personal Financial Management
Women and Finances
Additional legal/financial topics available upon request.

PRICING: Prices are based on a full day rate of up to 8 hours of on-site time (3-4 workshops) depending on custom content requested). Half day rates for up to 4 hours of on-site time (1- 2 workshops) are available for workshops offered in the 7 county Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota. Special rates are available to employers offering similar workshops at multiple U.S. locations in the same benefit year. Volume pricing available for employers seeking multiple workshop days in multiple locations.


LOCATION: All workshops are available days, evenings or weekends throughout the United States both online and in-person.