Selecting the attorney and the firm that represents you is the most important decision you’ll make in pursuing your legal matter.  The attorney working on your case really does make a difference. 

1) As with anything, the old saying applies: “You get what you pay for.”  Search for value and not necessarily price when selecting your attorney.  

2) Legal costs however can’t be ignored; Hire a firm that has legal assistants or paralegals working under the direct supervision of an attorney.  Those paralegals can perform some of the tasks necessary for your case.  This will result in a lower hourly rate for those tasks.

3) Because your attorney will direct the course of your legal process and set the tone for interactions with your opposing parties, it is important for you to choose a firm that acts respectfully and with dignity and integrity, so the best resolution of your legal matter is possible.  It is important for your attorney to be level-headed rather than hot-headed.  A hot-headed attorney will always be met with opposition by the opposing party.

4) Your attorney's experience and familiarity of your subject matter cannot be ignored.  It is important to work with an attorney who is familiar with the general aspects of your case.   Every legal situation will have its own unique facts and twists.   Your attorney must be willing to thoroughly research your case’s facts to be sure to assert the best position possible for you.